Monday, July 04, 2011

Plaid and Turquoise

The Square Foot Art Show at AWOL Gallery is next month. This is the first of 3 paintings I'm going to submit, 12"x12" each (hence square foot!). It's such a great show. It's not juried so it's a mixed bag of nuts! It truly embraces all walks of art.


  1. Hi Nora! Nice to see your work. Found you thru DPW Challenge. Love the soft shoes. Your contour drawings are really awesome.

  2. Hi Nora

    I met you through my sister Janice around a year ago-
    I have to say, I hadn't realized just how talented you are. I really love the approach to your paintings- very juicy, gutsy, punchy and illustrative. A nice break from the drawings, which are equally strong in their own right. Keep it up!

    Really great stuff.