Friday, April 30, 2021

The Yellow Jacket

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$80 - 5x7" original watercolour painting in 8x10"mat

People reading - it's such a great painting topic and has been through art history. I think because the reader is so involved and concentrating on reading, that it makes for good body language. The big yellow coat was an added bonus.
Check out the time-lapse video of this on my Instagram Page -

Thursday, April 29, 2021

the artist's apron


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$120 - 8x5 1/4" original oil on board

This two-colour-palette portrait was painted with a warm red and a cool blue, and white of course. I love the limited palette because, not only does it create consistent greys, but it forces me to really find colour variations in just two colours.

Wednesday, April 28, 2021

be a friend

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$80 - 5x7" original watercolour painting in an 8x10" mat.

More and more I realize how much adding people's hands helps with expression. In this piece, they kind of mirror each other. One of my pieces for my ongoing "In Conversation" series.

Wednesday, April 07, 2021

Figure Drawing Practical Tips Registration

Hello and Welcome! The 3 hour class description, supply list, and my CV are all here for you. I've been teaching art for seven years and a year ago, I brought it to Zoom! 

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11am - 2pm ET
$55 CAD 
PayPal will convert currency for you, if necessary. Email me for e-transfer or personal cheque.  

 In this Zoom class we will explore figure drawing
using a practical approach
with lots of helpful tips!

An easy-to-remember measuring system,
focusing on specific body parts,
encouraging mass,
and how to bring it all together,
will all be demonstrated.

Get your sketchbooks out and your pencils ready,
as you draw-along with me
learning many figure drawing tips along the way!

Some figure drawing experience is recommended.
Please be familiar with Zoom before attending.

Questions? Just ask -

A sketchbook (9x12") or Newsprint Pad,
Your favourite dark pencils or pens,
(I'll use 6B pencil and charcoal pencils)
A few coloured pencils

You will receive an email with a PDF 
with some handouts of what I cover,
after the class.

PLEASE NOTE: I will communicate with you through the email address you use with your PayPal account unless you tell me otherwise.

Double Check your Time Zone. Class is Eastern Time.
Email confirmation sent out after you Pay.
My PayPal account name is "Watercolours by Nora MacPhail" - but have no fear, the link is for FIGURE DRAWING Practical Tips.
Zoom LINK will be emailed Thursday Evening.
This class is not recorded (just like real life 😉).
Waiting Room opens at 10:45am EST.
See you then!

Monday, April 05, 2021

Regal Portrait


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$150 - 6x6" original oil painting on 1/8"board
Well, I continued with the same model and I'm sure happy that I did. All the lovely oranges in his skin tones created a nice balance with his dark hair and jacket. I love the earrings and the little anchors on his costume collar. And for the hightights, I just went for it with bright blues and pinks. Check out the previous post for this one's 'pair'.

Sunday, April 04, 2021

Regal Profile



$150 - 6x6" original oil painting on 1/8"board

Painting this model's portrait was a very zen experience for me. It was early on a Sunday morning and as I painted, I listened to a fellow artist with not only a British accent, but also a buttery voice. It was just wonderful. I kinda zoned out while I relied on all of my past painting experience to get it right. Very happy with this one (and it's pair posted next!)

Saturday, April 03, 2021

the little hut by the sea


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$100 - 8x10" image includes 11x14"mat
Well, this is a big painting for me! It comes in an 11x14"mat, ready to frame. This little hut, at the end of the ​road, has lots of colourful objects left about - obviously lived in and obviously an escape from the big city. I added a few brooms (in a barrel) in case you're in the mood for spring cleaning! Cheers to brejanz on Insta for the photo.