Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Full of Surprises


$60 - 5x7" original watercolour painting includes 8x10"mat.


I've been painting waterfalls lately and I think this one, called Full of Surprises, is my fave so far. I think it's the cute little second "step" of water that caught my eye. And the light of course! It's a 5x7" original watercolur painting and it comes with an 8x10"mat. Ready to frame! (You've probably got an 8x10"frame already #winkwink).

Professional Artist Supplies used for all of my original hand-painted pieces.

Contact me for curbside pu Toronto.

Friday, July 12, 2024

little gateway


5x7" original watercolour painting in an 8x10" acid-free mat

This "little gateway" was painted on location when a group of friends and I went out to one of my favourite parks. The simple 3 logs that make up an entrance are so beautiful. There is just something gentle about it's construction. Once I drew it I, of course, added lots (and lots) of colour.

Sunday, July 07, 2024



Hi, I love painting dogs and would be happy to discuss painting an Original Watercolour Pet Painting with you. Just reach out by email Send me 4-5 photos of your pet dog. (Closer up is best). Let me know the eye colour and if you want a collar and tag added to the Head and Shoulders painting. 

The Watercolour Dog Portraits are painted on paper, professionally adhered to a board. You will have a few choices for your background colour which you'll see around the edges of your painting.
They are READY TO HANG! Wire and hooks are on the back so, all you need is a nail and a wall. ; )


Finished Painting - 10x10" board. The painting is 8x8" and the border is 1"around. The board will sit out approximately 1" out from your wall.

Finished 3 weeks from confirmed commission start date. 

Total - $250 Canadian Dollars. E-transfer, cash or cheque. 
Non-refundable down payment $50.
Curbside pu - Toronto

Email me and I'll get painting.

Saturday, July 06, 2024

with a spring in your step!



8x10" mat included. I recently touched up these little cuties and I'm much happier with them. Flowers always bring lots of colour and joy to a room. Loooove painting them.

Curbside pu - Toronto. Thanks for visiting my blog. 

Paintings are availble at the awesome and safe online gallery DailyPaintworks.

Friday, July 05, 2024

Hey Sunshine!

11x14" acid-free mat included
More Flowers, of course! This colourful bouquet started with a few white and red friends... but then I spotted some purple flowers in the garden. So, I added them too!

Curbside pu - Toronto

Tuesday, July 02, 2024

bloomin' babes


includes 8x10" acid free mat
As of July 1st, I'm back on Daily Paintworks!! WooHoo! It's a wonderful safe online gallery. And this colourful painting, one of my faves (because I love painting red) is first up! It's an 8x10" original painting and includes an 11x14"mat. FREE SHIPPING to the US and Canada. No need to sign up, just click PayPal. 
Email me for questions - 

Curbside pu - Toronto

Saturday, May 04, 2024



Two Sweet Seahorses 12x16" - OIL

Clowing Around 6x8" - OIL

Follow the Leader 8x12" - OIL

Hello. I've been busy painting fishies! So cute and so much fun. I love using oil paint to show off the colourful fish and the dark/light contrasts in the ocean. An awesome challenge! Questions? ... just ask -