Sunday, May 14, 2023

Time for the Corners!


My Mandala has grown and it's been an absolute blast. I do love this pattern!

For a while I was attempting to 'crochet in my ends' as I started a new row. However, with this pattern, a lot of the stitches are crocheted into the back bars of the previous row. So, when you come across the ends that have already been woven in... it gets a bit tricky. Well, it gets crowded.

So, I recommend waiting until you've done a few rows before weaving in those ends. Basically, don't crochet in your ends as you go, tempting and time-saving as it is. The Floral Paradise Mandala Afghan is a lot of work so, better to make it look nice and take your time.
Having said that... my stitches are a bit tight in places. But, importantly, I love watching it grow! Above is a closer look at all the cool stitches. (I had only finished the flower chain and a few zigzag rows at this point).

Thanks Annie's Kit Clubs for the great design. I'm finished the 5th kit and I'm starting the 6th. Corners! #phew