Tuesday, September 07, 2021

Back to School!


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8x8" original watercolour painting

Dogs go back to school in September... don't they? ; ) This smart Husky sure does.  Well, more like go to the beach and fetch sticks and splash around in the water...  #hehe Seriously, I love the fall and I guess because of school, I still feel like September is the start of a 'new year'. 

Thursday, August 19, 2021



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$80 - 5x7" original watercolour painting in 8x10"mat
Painting Spots! Such a blast! I don't get the opportunity to paint polka dots that often so when I saw Dottie (of course that's her name), I wanted to paint her immediately. Dalmatian's rock. ; )
If you've got a pet, or a friend with a pet, email me some photos and I'll get painting. #greatgift 

Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Dog Portraits - Watercolour


Dog Portrait in Watercolour by Nora MacPhail nora904@yahoo.com 

Email me, say Hello, send along a few photos of the pet and I'll get painting! Original Art is a great gift for a friend, or for yourself. ; )

The finished painting will be a 5x7" original watercolour painting on 140lb artist quality paper. An 8x10" acid-free (won't yellow) mat is included. It is ready to frame.


$140US - Shipping Included.

8x10" frames are a standard size and easy to find.

3 Weeks turnaround time. 

Small packets take approximately 7-10 days for shipping.

PayPal, e-transfer or personal check. Canada and US only. Toronto Curbside PU.

EMAIL ME BEFORE PAYING - nora904@yahoo.com 

$140.00 US

Monday, August 09, 2021

crunchy shine

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$120 - 6x6" original oil painting on 3/4" panel

Well, that's the second spoon I ever painted! (The first was from a Carol Marine reference photo and this one is from a Sarah Sedwick photo). Reflections in silver are always fun, like the green apples, but this time there's a kick on light on the inside of the creamer! Every painting brings a new little somethin'-somethin' to the game. ; )

Sunday, August 08, 2021

loosey-goosey and juicy


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$120 - 6x6" original oil painting on 3/4"panel

Well this title just had to happen! #heehee
Cheers again to Sarah Sedwick for her photo ref. ; )

Friday, August 06, 2021

catch you breath


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$120 - 6x6" oil painting on 3/4"panel

A little snack and a deep breath of fresh air. Ahh... summertime. It's time to sit down with a cup of tea and a crisp apple. And enjoy a painting of the same. ; ) Heehee.

I used a photo from the generous Sarah Sedwick again (thanks Sarah!) and I changed it again too. This time I added an extra apple slice instead of the creamer. The apples are one big happy family.

Thursday, August 05, 2021

cherry reflections


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$120 - 6x6" original oil painting on 3/4" panel

These cherries are checking out their reflections! 
There was originally a spoon in this photo reference, but I took it out and added cherries to match the lovely reds in the jelly. Thanks to Sarah Sedwick for her generosity - she's always supplying awesome photos to work from.

Tuesday, August 03, 2021

Three Umbrellas


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8x10" original oil painting on 3/4" panel
I've always liked the little cocktail umbrellas that adorn 'fancy', sometimes silly, drinks. So here they are! Painting their shadows was just as fun as painting them. As well as a cool bird. Looking into the cup and red vase was tricky, but I like the circular shapes they make. A few cherries and Voila!

Monday, August 02, 2021

Berry Dots


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8x10" oil painting on 3/4" panel with sides painted to match. 
Today's aerial view, or flat lay, includes a sprig of mint in the tea cup. I put down some different coloured papers to jazz it up. Then I found some 'like minded' objects and brewed a cuppa tea! ; )

Saturday, July 31, 2021

Berry Tea Fly By


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8x10" original oil painting
Lookin' into a tea cup from above! It was interesting to see all of these object from a new perspective - it kind of challenged the way I identify each object. I included my favourite little glass apple. #flaylay 

Thursday, July 22, 2021

Granny Serrano


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8x10" original oil painting

I looooved painting this one. The green apples (Granny) and peppers (Serrano) make up the nutty title... I couldn't help myself. This overhead flat lay composition is very interesting and new for me. I plan to do more still lifes from this perspective. WooHoo! Cheers to Sarah Sedwick for the photo!

Tuesday, July 06, 2021

Watercolour Class - Eyes, Nose & Mouth


Paint along with me for this 2 hour watercolour online Zoom class! We will go over the eyes, nose and mouth. Focusing on specific facial features is important to your overall portraiture skills. All of the class information is here for you.

                  Saturday July 17 10-12pm ET
$45 Canadian - (PayPal converts currency for you, if necessary). 
Email me for e-Transfer or personal cheque. 

In this Zoom Online Class we will explore facial features with watercolour paints.
We'll paint together, learning about the importance of warm and cool colours, keeping shapes strong and then adding pencil for those finishing touches. 
Build the eyes, nose and mouth as you watercolour with me! 
Some Watercolour Painting experience is suggested.
Please be familiar with Zoom before attending.

Do not feel like you have to buy anything - bring what you have. However,

I'll be using - 9x12" Fluid Hot-Pressed Paper (from Above Ground/Toronto) and paint sits a bit differently on this paper. I do NOT use Arches Hot-Pressed Brand (yuck!). If you think now is the time to try hot-pressed great - but it's another element during the class. Maybe just focus on features...?

I use Winsor & Newton and/or Holbein Tube Paints that are squeezed out and dry on my Winsor & Newton Cotman Compact Travel Set 14 pan palette. 
Yellow Ochre
Permanent Rose (Rose Madder Genuine or Aliz. Crimson)
Cad. Red
Cerulean Blue
Ultramarine Blue
Cobalt Violet
Burnt Umber
Use the brushes you like and are familiar with.
I use synthetic pointy brushes sizes 6, 8 and 10. 
Loew-Cornell 7020 Ultra Round 
Kingart Original Gold 9020 Max Round

6B pencil and paper towels

Questions? Just ask  - nora904@yahoo.com

PLEASE NOTE: I will communicate with you through the email address you use with your PayPal account unless you tell me otherwise.

Double Check your Time Zone.
Email confirmation sent out after you Pay. 
This class is not recorded (just like real life 😉).
Waiting Room opens at 10 minutes before the class begins.
See you on Zoom!

Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Portrait Drawing Practical Tips... Again!

The Portrait Class on Zoom went so well... it's Back! For those who missed it last time, I hope to see you THIS TUESDAY EVENING on Zoom! All the information is here for you. Click the PayPal BUTTON when you're ready to register. 


6pm - 8pm EST
$40 CAD 
PayPal will convert currency for you, if necessary. Email me for e-transfer or personal cheque. nora904@yahoo.com  

 In this Zoom class we will explore portraits
using a practical approach
with lots of helpful tips!

An easy-to-remember block-in method
using lots of measures of facial features,
as well as using comparisons to find a likeness,
will all be demonstrated.

Get your sketchbooks out and your pencils ready,
as you draw-along with me
learning many portrait tips along the way!

Some portrait drawing experience is suggested.
Please be familiar with Zoom before attending.

Questions? Just ask - nora904@yahoo.com

 I will email you a line drawing 
that you need to print out (or trace) three times.

A sketchbook (9x12") or Newsprint Pad,
Your favourite dark pencils or pens,
(I'll use 6B pencil and charcoal pencils)

A few coloured pencils

You will receive an email with a PDF 
of all the handouts that I cover,
after the class.

PLEASE NOTE: I will communicate with you through the email address you use with your PayPal account unless you tell me otherwise.

Double Check your Time Zone.
Email confirmation sent out after you Pay. (It will include a line drawing you'll need).
This class is not recorded (just like real life 😉).
Waiting Room opens at 5:45pm EST.
See you on Zoom!

Tuesday, June 22, 2021

pause... and paws


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$80 - 5x7" original watercolour painting in 8x10"mat 
Bernese Mountain Dog - so lovely. I thought I'd title it pause, because he's taking a little break. And then I thought... oh... paws! So naturally the title became "pause... and paws" Heehee. I do like painting dogs, especially when they have darks and lights in their fur colours, that way there's lots of colour contrast.