Sunday, April 04, 2021

Regal Profile



$150 - 6x6" original oil painting on 1/8"board

Painting this model's portrait was a very zen experience for me. It was early on a Sunday morning and as I painted, I listened to a fellow artist with not only a British accent, but also a buttery voice. It was just wonderful. I kinda zoned out while I relied on all of my past painting experience to get it right. Very happy with this one (and it's pair posted next!)


  1. This is OUTSTANDING Nora! Congratulations!!

  2. Hi Hilda. I'm very proud of it. Actually it sold yesterday and usually I'm super happy with a sale - and I am with this sale - but I'm a tad sad to see it go too. Still, it'll be in someone else's home for them to enjoy!
    Happy Painting, Nora