Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Portraits, Portraits, Portraits!

Another Sunday at the Don Valley Art Club doing portraits of fellow artists. This group is great! We sit for each other for 25 minute sessions. So, we get a lot done. : )
(Click on pics to see one after the other).
I think this one was most successful. The first photo is how it looked after 25 minutes of painting in the studio. Once at home, I added a bit of ear, some hair top right, a bit of purple to the glasses and a bit more green to the shirt. I would like to 'fix' parts of the face however, without the model, I dare not! I'm happy with the freshness of it.
Here's another - 
Again, the first is after 25 minutes of studio painting with the model. At home, I got rid of the blue blob on the top left of her head! Then I barely touched up the eye, which I never did get right since her hair was covering parts of it, but painting her hair was a blast! : ) Finally, I softened her shirt at the neck. Again, I'd like to do more, but not without the model.
I'm very happy with the resemblance of this one! Although I think I made the mistake of painting it in 'pieces'.
Finally, with this last one, I let myself experiment with the shadow side. Lots of purples and blues. I think a male portrait can take a lot more dark shadow whereas a female portrait needs a lighter touch.
Learned lots!!!!

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