Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Don Valley Art Club Portrait

At the Don Valley Art Club, a bunch of artists get together and pose for each other for 25 minutes. The session is 3 hours so I normally do 5-6 portraits a session (depending on whether or not it's my turn to pose that day). By the time I get to painting number 4, I've loosened up and get more carefree. That's what happened with this painting. I like it because I was so relaxed while painting it. It's a bit 'sloppier' which, I think, worked out well for this one. : )
11x14"watercolour painting


  1. Nora - I LOVE all your watercolor paintings but you REALLY got this one! I surely wish I could paint like you do. My watercolors are tense & TOO structured or something. I just want them to FLOW on the paper.
    Thanks for sharing your paintings with all of us.
    Grandma Nancy in central IL

  2. I've always wanted to watercolor... and paintings like this one bring out the urge to try. Love it!