Wednesday, December 13, 2017

purple tresses

 $80 - original 8x10" watercolour painting
I've been experimenting with my new Fude fountain pen. It's got a bent nib!
The nib allows you to move sideways across the paper with a thick strong line. It's actually quite heavy to hold, but it's wonderful. I got it on amazon. It's called The Duke.
The ink I used was not waterproof, so it's a bit tricky adding watercolour. It's from Scriptus '17 which is a Pen and Writing show held every year here in Toronto. The Confederation Brown was this show's handmade specialty ink. It's beautiful. It's olive green when drawing with it then a slight brown warmth emerges when it gets wet. Lovely stuff.
I believe waterproof ink in a fountain pen can cause it to clog up the nib, due to the shellac that is in it (which makes it waterproof). So, it was challenging to add water and colour to this free flowing ink. Fun though.
I got the photo ref from the awesome app called Sktchy.

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