Friday, March 09, 2018

sketching 100 people challenge continued

Well, not quite 100. And not quite a week, as the challenge was a 'work week' and ended today. 
thinking about design and line...
portraits of a dude
across the cafe and wearing plaid

The above sketches were drawn with Prismacolour Colour Pencils, mostly with Black Grape, which is an awesome colour. Very smooth pencil, especially on newsprint. And below, 6B pencil (my favourite). 
dog treats
making interesting shapes
These photos were taken with my iPadPro where they look great. It turns out, they don't look so good here... Hmm.
You can see even more of my sketches of people on my Instagram page! Check it out.


  1. Your pencil work really showcases your talent! Being a portrait painter myself, I really enjoy checking out your posts! Hope you make a mint! God bless..