Thursday, June 06, 2019

Portrait Practise and... 8 years today!!

I spent this morning practising portraits with coloured pencil. A fun thing to be doing on the 8th anniversary of my blog!! 
Thank you all for the ongoing support and encouragement. I appreciate all your comments. Having a blog is a great way to working consistently, especially when the blog community is so inspiring. 
Cheers y'all ; )


  1. Happy anniversary! Have I been enjoying your art for that long?
    I love these drawings, and I always especially like when several drawings are grouped on a page!

  2. 8 years! I still love seeing your art here. I started attending a figure drawing group...thanks for the inspiration. I'm interested in the structural, sort of sculptural approach I see above. Going to research this...

    1. Thanks for the lovely words! I'm so glad you are inspired. The drawings show the Asaro Head. It's a head model that emphasizes the planes of the head. It's helpful! Lots of pics of it online. Have a blast!