Tuesday, September 03, 2019


$80 - 8x10" original gouache portrait

I painted this in a class where fellow artists and I sit for each other for 25mins. The person keeping track of time calls out how much time in left every once in a while, so the painters know they gotta paint fast! The 25 minutes flies by when you're painting, but when you're the sitter, hearing how much time you have left to sit perfectly still is quite a struggle! Unlike the painters, the sitter feels time is going super slow. It's a crazy juxtaposition.
This model managed to find a relaxed zone which created her soulful expression. I think I captured it! : )


  1. Wonderful portrait! I find the quick studies are more interesting than paintings that have been labored over.

    1. Yes Stephanie, I definitely agree. Happy Painting to ya'!

  2. Oh my....what I meant to write....VERY nicely done!

  3. Very wonderful portrait painting !!!