Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Portraits Workshop - APRIL 25, '20

I'll be teaching a Portraits Workshop here in Toronto with the Willowdale Group of Artists. I'm really looking forward to it. 
Here's the description - 
with Nora MacPhail

In this workshop we will explore an approach to portraits using an easy-to-remember way to block-in. This method includes using measurements for finding facial features, as well as using comparisons to find a likeness. Common mistakes and how to improve them will also be reviewed. No more struggling with egg heads and wonky eyes. ; ) 
I will do demos using photographs. Artist will be doing lots of drawing (bring your sketchbooks!) and we will be painting with watercolour. 

CONTACT ADELE - wgaworkshops@gmail.com

MEDIUM - Watercolour (and Drawing Materials).

PHOTOS - Bring your copyright free reference photos of adults (no children - those measurements are different). Try to find photos that are close ups of the head and shoulders with contrasting lighting. I will bring extra photos for participants to work from.

Bring painting supplies you like and what you’re used to. Materials list is attached.

You can check out my work on Instagram at noramacphailart or my online art gallery at -  https://www.dailypaintworks.com/Artists/nora-macphail-1599


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