Saturday, February 25, 2023



I'm just loving this crochet kit from Annie's Kit Clubs. I'm motoring along. Here's my little review so far. Above is kit 1 and most of kit 2 finished! Loooove the colours. The pattern has many new cute stitches like the shell stitch, the bean stitch and the star stitch. It's just so fun. And the 100% acrylic yarn, which is anti-pilling, is great to crochet with. Smooth but not slippery. So great. The pattern goes from using a 5mm hook to a 5.5mm hook. 
The start of kit 3 is flowers! As the pattern says, I've attach them to each other as I go. The pattern and video instructions do a 4 chain to start, but I'm just using a magic ring. Also, I am absolutely stitching in the ends as I go, not weaving them in after each flower, as they suggest. I'd say the pattern is intermediate.
The flower chain is separate until I'm finished all 36 of them. Then, with the white (linen colour) you attach the chain to your mandala. Even then, I'm only 1/3 of the way! It was an X-mas gift to myself so, I'm actually happy with how fast it's going. 
The pattern calls for me to crochet into the BACK BARS a lot, so I'm not weaving in my row ends right away. That way, the back bars are easier to find. 

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