Friday, October 21, 2011

Art Show - Opening Night!

I spent the whole day preparing for our group art show tonight at St.Barnabas Church here in Toronto.  I've been in the show for the last 9 out of 23 years that it's been running!  Here's my table with all my little goodies on it.  Super happy to say that 2 of them sold! Back tomorrow for the final day - suppose to be a warm one.  Yippee!
we put 4 chairs (top row) on top of a table (middle row) and 4 chairs in front of it (bottom row), then toss a couple of sheets over it.  Works perfectly!


  1. The paintings look great Nora and what a clever way to display them!! Good luck for today!

  2. Hi there Nora!... What a "brood" of chicks you've raised there! Glad to hear that two have found new homes! That is always encouraging... to kmnow others value them... and what we're doing as well!

    Good luck with day two! hope that your art hamper is empty at the end of the show! Break a leg... as they say in the theatre business! HA HA!!

    Good Painting... and many Sales!
    Warmest regards,

    PS My personal fav is the two chair composition. Wish that I could have looked closer at a few more!Looking closer at your sidebar... I will do exactly that when I'm finished here!

  3. Your work looks stunning displayed together. Wow, who would have thought to place chairs on top of a table for display set-up . . . great idea! Good luck with the remainder of the show!

  4. Best of luck with the show! Your paintings look stunning to me.

  5. Sounds like a great show. Love your setup it looks like it works perfectly.

  6. Looks great Nora, good luck tomorrow. =)

  7. THis is a great looking display and a really great way to set up the tiers!!!