Thursday, January 19, 2012

Tangerine mani and a Tango pedi

The Daily Paintworks Challenge this week is to use the colour Tangerine Tango. I'm not sure how this painting evolved in my brain... but this is what I came up with... 


  1. Hello Nora! I'm very surprised to be able to comment on your blog again. I was in panic because your blog freesed when I wanted to make a comment. But there you are and here I am again :) Your nail polish bottles are great. Very original! The colors are make me very happy! Thank you. Now I'm going to comment your previous painting:)

  2. How strange? It's still not possible for me to comment on your previous painting? The blog is freezing again. Well; I liked it to see your painting class through your eyes. Very nice! I asked my husband to take place on the kitchen table as nude model, but he refuses. Little bit childish isn't it?

  3. What a fun and clever piece....your colors are gorgeous!

  4. What a great idea, to use the nail varnishes to include Tangarine, for your painting which is really good. I love your shadows.

  5. Well, I have said it all at the DPW site, but here is the cliffnotes.

    - Love it.
    - So girly.
    - Love the way you show the thickness of the glass.

    Happy painting

  6. Wow!! Great entry Nora!! I love the bottles and i love the shadows even more!

  7. Wonderful, original, colorful and very well done! Always enjoy your posts. xox