Wednesday, February 19, 2014

portrait practise

I recently saw Ralph Fiennes' film called "The Invisible Woman" in which he played Charles Dickens. So, I decided to do some portrait practise from a photo of the real Charles Dickens. He had lots of hair and a long beard, both of which were challenging (and fun) to paint.


  1. Nicely done...what a handsome face! What a famous, right? The GREAT Charles Dickens.

  2. Dit is een fantastisch portret !

  3. It's so impressive to me, how you paint such a variety of subjects, with your special knack for color and form, Nora! This is a superb portrait, conveying so much personality, and your scene in the post below exudes the whole atmosphere of the people and the particular place and time. Yet your own special style comes through in both. To me, that's the mark of a skillful artist!

  4. Oh he is a darned handsome man, Nora!

  5. I did a project at school on Charles Dickens many moons ago and I can see in your fabulous loose contour drawing style you have achieved a wonderful likeness of the man himself. You have a beautiful loose technique.