Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Captain John's Seafood Ship

This old ship, once a popular seafood restaurant, is finally being towed away. It's been at the Toronto Harbourfront for decades, but since it's falling apart (apparently there is 10 feet of water inside!) away it goes.

I got together with the Toronto Urban Sketchers this past weekend and we, all 20 of us, drew and painted this wonderful subject. In the top one (9x12"/charcoal pencil), I wanted to capture the abandoned shopping cart in the parking lot, compared to the boat. In the bottom painting (5x7"/pen) I wanted people walking by in the foreground, again a nice comparison.

Other news: if you received a few of my old posts, like a fox or a girl on a bike, I apologize... a glitch with blogger... but I've fixed the problem. : )


  1. This is beautiful, colorful and its nice that you were able to draw it before it left for good! nice memories.

  2. Such delightful paintings and I am so happy you caught this ship before it went away, Nora. I love the beautiful colors!

  3. I love painting boats and ships too. But this one done in your unique style is marvellous.