Sunday, May 17, 2015

the gate at Philosopher's Walk

$60 - 6x8"painting 
The stone gate at Philosopher's walk has wonderful, slightly wacky, street lamps on it that I've been wanting to paint for some time. I found a shady spot during a warm afternoon and did this with charcoal pencil and watercolour.

Here's a pic of my paintbox, which is still holding up well considering it's just a thick paper mache box from the art store. It gets wet as I splash watercolour paint all over it, and it's slightly warped now... but it's still awesome.


  1. This is when you are at your best, great composition, great line work, depth and contrast with your watercolors. Lovely.

  2. This is just so pretty, Nora. I love old streetlamps like these and surrounded by wrought iron and flowers...?! Beautiful and a sense of old London!

    1. Thanks Sheri. Good eye on the London look. The gates were established in the late 1800's by some Royal Family Dude and the HR symbol is on them. : )

  3. Beautiful watercolor, Nora!! Excellent street lamps!