Saturday, August 13, 2016

drawing freely!

Recently, I spent some time sketching at the wonderful Toronto Music Gardens. I was inspired by a few wonderful books by the awesome NY artist Veronica Lawlor, about drawing free of judgement, analysis or interpretation. Just take the line for a walk! Google her and check out her work. Her drawings are fascinating.
So, working with a Micron 03 pen, I just drew what I saw as quick as I could.  Here are four more I did.
I really enjoyed this approach, loosening up as I went. Lots of drawings quickly, with no time to think in between. Now, to paint them... : )


  1. Very beautiful and interesting art work !!!
    Happy Sunday Nora !!!

  2. Lovely. I wish I could emulate that freedom ... there is so much joy in the line, no hestitation, no doubt!

  3. Thank you for mentioning her and your sources of inspiration. I just watched her video on "reportage" and 9.11. You are a source of inspiration for me...Lovely! Your Music Gardens look inspiring too...