Thursday, April 06, 2017

just a touch of a smile

Well, this is my first attempt at painting teeth. Since the models can't hold a smile for 25 minutes, a lot of my finished paintings are of serious looking people. During this portrait session, the model just naturally held her mouth slightly open. It was a welcome challenge! In the future, I'd like to paint portraits for people other than models, and they won't all be serious. So, I'd better start practising painting teeth... 


  1. Nora, these portraits are absolutely lovely. Vivid, fresh, with expression & sense of character. I am really admiring your work & also learning from it! Love it! Beth - fellow sketcher

    1. Thank you so much Beth! Happy Painting to you!!

  2. Somehow your colors are always so clean and pure and fresh. They come through in every lovely portrait but I am especially loving the grapefruit below!