Monday, July 24, 2017

One Handed Palette and Water Holder!

My new watercolour palette and water cup holder. I saw one of these on Urban Sketchers, so I decided to make my own. : )
I got an inexpensive plastic corrugated board from the hardware store and flipped it over to use the back. I got plastic (not cardboard) so that it's WATERPROOF.
The water cup MUST have a lip on it. (dollar store)
Position the cup where you want it and trace it with a sharpie. Trace the BOTTOM of it! Make sure the hole is smaller than the lip.

I decided to cut a shape for the thumb hole on my palette too. (This is optional if you don't use a thumb hole.) A bulldog clip can hold your palette to the board.
 Ready to cut...
Cut with an X-acto knife. Ready to assemble...
I pushed the cup in only half way. Then added a bull dog clip, just for a little extra reinforcement. : )
 Don't forget the lid!
The space between the cup and palette holds an extra brush. 
All done. And my thumb fits into the hole perfectly so I can hold the board with one hand. This will work perfectly while I stand, or sit, when painting in life classes, urban sketching or plein-air painting. It's nice and light. Can't wait to try it out!
I've left an extra bit on the right so that I can clip a cloth/paper towel there.  Happy Painting Everyone!


  1. Ingenious and practical! thanks for the step-by-step instructions! Doesn't the edge of the hole for the thumb cut into your skin/ flesh? [I may line it with cloth tape when I make my own]

  2. I'm curious: what brand name is the palette? Did you take out the pre-bought colors then did you add your own? Anyway, how fun and practical for you! A very good friend and companion!