Tuesday, September 19, 2017

to make a short story longer

$60 - 5x7"original watercolour with 8x10"mat

About 20 fellow Urban Sketchers and I went to a downtown park, with an outdoor cafe, for our last sketch outing. There are many urban sketchers groups and ours, called TOUSK (Toronto Urban Sketchers) is fantastic. Very friendly, very supportive and run by a wonderful ambitious woman named Marie-Judith. We meet up about twice a month. 
Here are a few photos of my painting kit.
The people in my cafe scenes don't look too much like real life, because of my style, and just in case it offends them. I save trying to get a likeness for my portraits. Also, I changed the colour of their clothes... to brighten things up. : )
I added a couple in the background, with soft cool colours.
That's me. Duh.

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  1. Nora you do such a lovely job with your sketches...love how you capture so much in such a simple way...know this is not an easy achievement. Much like writing...short versus longer is harder to write. Thanks for sharing. Like seeing your paint set up!