Friday, January 18, 2019

older and wiser

   $606x8"original gouache painting
A friend told me that she could see in my latest gouache portraits that I was really enjoying painting with gouache. I was thrilled with that comment, and she's right! I do love painting with it. Watercolour is awesome but sometimes it's nice to apply some thick paint.  ; )
Here's my set up. I use the same air tight (pretty much) palette that Lena Rivo uses. Check her out on Instagram if you're interested. Her gouache paintings are awesome.
Here's a close up. Trying to let lots of colours blend together, just like watercolour.
It's nice to look at the painting in black and white, to make sure the values are working together. 
I am now a firm believer that working with a different medium (gouache) for a while really enhances your knoweldge of your usual medium (watercolour). It's really informative to be able to make comparisons. : )


  1. This guy is now one of my favourite portraits. I'm definitely at a place I want to be. : )

    1. Gouache is really pushing me in new directions. Yippee!