Tuesday, September 08, 2020

Birds Birds Birds!

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"little wonder" - $90 - 6x6" original oil painting on 1/8"panel.
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"from dawn to dusk" - $90 - 6x6" original oil painting on 1/8"panel.
Yellow-Breasted Blue Tit

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"longevity" - $90 - 6x6" original oil painting on 1/8"panel.
Red-Breasted Grosbeak

Well, the long weekend came and went... that was fast! #doh  
I'm just catching up on my three latest bird paintings. I'm super happy with them. I really tried to make clean and colourful 'one-brush-mark' marks. 
You can see the videos of me painting them over on my Instagram page. (can't get blogger to upload them here...?)
Cheers Y'all. (email me if you're interested in a set of 3). ; )


  1. Beautiful Birds!
    I'll watch your video on Instagram. Seeing your paintings there is a refreshing highlight.

  2. Hi! The videos are super fun to make (although they make me a tad self-conscious while painting). It's the time-lapse that is so cool to watch. Cheers, Nora.