Saturday, September 05, 2020

opposites attract

$90 - 8x8" original oil painting on 1/8"panel

I totally get now why people put spoons in their still life set ups! This reference pic is curiosity Sarah Sedwick, and she uses spoons a lot, just like Carol! So, they're super fun to paint because of the lights and darks and, more importantly, they create negative shapes by dividing up the round plate shape. Cool.
I added a few bits of pink here and there. I couldn't help myself. 
; )


  1. Sooooo nice! Love the colors, the spoon, the shadow shape of spoon and saucer AND the subtle pinks in the cup. Lovely. Well done, well done.

    1. Hi Bernadette!
      Thanks so much. Painting reflections, like the limes, is always a bit of a mind bend ; ), but always fun.
      I'm very happy with the end result.
      Cheers, Nora