Monday, August 26, 2013

expand your horizons


Wow, that was a real 50/50 split on the suggestions of how to crop this painting. I decided that a few extra people were cuter than a 'not so beautifully painted' sky. Thanks everyone for participating!
$50 - 5"x7" watercolour painting with 8"x10" matt.


  1. Looks like a busy city of folks hurrying home before the storm. We have those days too, don't we.

  2. I like it cropped this way. You are right...more interesting stuff to absorb.
    Love what you do.

  3. Oh I do love this piece too, Nora. You are truly an inspiration for me. Alas, I was trying to do my last piece in a style similar to your own and I didn't even remotely come close! Back to the drawing board.

  4. Good choice! But either way would be beautiful! Funny how the different cropping would change the feeling so much! I really love this piece!

  5. Great choice, now the most interesting parts really pop out at the viewer. Wonderful color treatment, as always! Gorgeous!