Thursday, November 26, 2020

eye on the prize



$100 - 5x7" original oil painting on board

I used a new palette of colours for this painting, not my typical pinks and purples. The 'gold' flecks are actually yellow ochre paint with a bit of white. I peppered it through the background and gave this little friend some to eat. ; ) Next to the grey green background the yellow ochre really sings. I love the effect. I added turquoise to his wing, which is quite cool in temperature and it's making the cool green background look really warm in comparison. I'm still learning lots about temperature and how amazing it is to work with. Cheers.


  1. Happy Thanksgiving & Weekend!
    The light is beautiful in this painting.

    1. Hi, thanks. He's one of my faves and he sold to a friend who'll give him as a Christmas gift to a family member. Perfect! Cheers, Nora