Sunday, October 04, 2015

cover to cover

Here's my second line drawing for InkTober. I drew this one while at the library and it's so nice to see people with books in front of them, instead of computers! Still working on how to take a photo of a white piece of paper... looking a bit gray but the only alternative is over exposed. Any ideas?


  1. Love your drawings! Looking forward to seeing more during InkTober.
    Trouble with white... Sometimes I photograph outside - sometimes I place a larger piece of white paper under or next to the drawing to allow for the camera to auto-adjust (?) Hope that helps.

    1. Thanks Chris! I'll try putting some white paper under or next to it. : )

  2. Hi Nora,
    Her's the answer. The automatic meter is calibrated to expose mid-tones correctly so pure white fools it and white appears grey. Either set your camera on manual and take a reading from a piece of mid grey card or just take the picture then put it in photoshop and do the 'auto levels' thing