Saturday, March 27, 2021

the getaway

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$100 - 6x9" original watercolour painting in 9x12"mat.
I wanted to paint this lovely lakefront cabin because of the string of pennants that hang across the deck. So colourful... right up my alley! Thanks to Instagramers Marek and Shari, and Christina for the photo, who encouraged us all to paint along with them during their live demo.
Here's a few more photos - : )


  1. It looks wonderful and I love it more matted...
    I comment on your paintings but so many times it doesn’t post ... hopefully it goes through!!!!

    1. Hello Hilda! I always see your comments - They are here! On my blog! There are lots of them and I totally appreciate it.
      Happy Painting to you,

  2. Love the painting. I am especially drawn to your watercolors. Lovely, spontaneous and fun. Tell me about the brush and what kind of watercolors you are using.

    1. Hi Bernadette! I use Holbein watercolours. They are just great because they never get flakey. I use a synthetic pointy brush size #8. Cheers, Nora