Saturday, February 23, 2019

I love red and pink

$60 - 5x7" original gouache painting with 8x10" mat.

The cute colourful glass vases that I got over the holidays continue to inspire me! Since I love red and pink together, I popped a pink flower into the vase and put it under a strong light. I really enjoyed painting the red reflections on the white tablecloth. Check out the pics below, of my easel and set up!
I bought this pad of Strathmore cool blue paper because of it's rough tooth, plus  it's 180lb, so it can take some thick paint.
As you can see, the cool blue is very gray. That's my gouache palette, with a water tight lid. I love it. I was encouraged to get it by the awesome gouache painter Lena Rivo.
It's weird to be painting with white paint, since I'm a watercolour artist and never needed it! As you can see from my palette, I misjudged how much I needed. ; b
Finally, a few close ups of the painting. You can see the tooth of the paper coming through due to it's rough texture. I'm very happy with this bright little piece.

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